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From the Pastor's Pen


Fear Not

The Bible tells us hundred’s of times in scripture to “fear not”, yet most famous Bible characters had fear over take them at times. They had to learn to drive out fear by increasing their knowledge of God. To shift their focus away from their present fear and toward the eternal God and trust God thru faith instead of worrying about the future.

What are you afraid of? What immobilizes you? What keeps you from experiencing a greater degree of success in life? What steals your joy and destroys your hope? What robs you of sleep night after night?

On a spiritual level I’m asking, “what prevents you from entrusting your life - wholly to a loving God who wants nothing more than the best for you”?

The Bible has a lot to say about the subject of fear. Please join us over the next several weeks on Sunday mornings as we confront the major fears that often paralyze followers of Christ and learn how men and women in the Bible overcame their fears and how we too can overcome once and for all and be the people of God that Jesus wants us to be!

Pastor Turner










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